Terrence entered the draft unaware of where he might be headed, just trying to enjoy the experience. After the New Jersey Nets traded Vince Carter to Orlando, it looked like that was where T-Will was headed. Turns out, the Nets would take him 11th overall, the first senior selected in that year’s draft.

Rookie Season

At first, playing time was hard to come by with so many young guards, but Terrence showcased his abilities and received some time in exchange. The Nets went on to have one of the worst records in NBA history, but not because of T-Will. Terrence shined on the lackluster team, winning Rookie of the Month in the final month, and contributing greatly off the bench. Terrence averaged a little less than 9 points per game, along with 4.5 rebounds and 3 assists.


With some offseason moves, the Nets look like they will be much stronger and Terrence may have worked his way into the starting lineup. After wearing number 8 in his rookie season to honor his section 8 community where he grew up, he will be wearing number 1 this season. He wants a fresh start from last years performance and he wants to respect his days at Louisville, where he also wore number 1. Look for an exciting year from Terrence as the Nets look to improve dramatically.