Jason Aldean was three when his parents Barry and Debbie decided to divorce. Jason stayed with his mother and lived in Macon, Georgia and when it was time for him to go to school, his mother chose Winsor Academy. All his summers Jason stayed with his father in Homestead, Florida. It was his father who taught his to play guitar. Every day he explained him how to place fingers on guitar strings, how to chord correctly. When father was going to work Jason spent all his days playing his guitar, and when father returned from work they played together. Jason soon became quite a good player, and it wasn't a problem for him to catch a song after having heard it only several times. His favorite songs at that time were George Strait's "The Cowboy Rides Away", Hank Williams Jr.'s "The Blues Man", and Alabama's "My Home's in Alabama". Jason's mother and fathe both were happy their son is so gifted, so that was the real beginning of jason aldean songs. When he was fourteen he once saw a TV program with country-music awards and decided he wants to participate. His mother helped him and he took part in local VFW hall in Macon, Georgia. He performed with John Anderson's song "Seminole Wind" and Tracy Lawrence's "Sticks and Stones". This were the first jason aldean songs. Later he recollected from his memory that he was trapped by perfoming on stage, and the whole audience –even though they were only ten- applauded. And when Jason was fifteen he entered the small band at Georgia nightspot Nashville South.

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