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Doctor Who

Matt Smith is most famously known for his role of the eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who for seasons five and six. The fifth season didn't just bring with it a new Doctor it also had a new sonic screwdriver, new assitants, a new tardis, new Daleks, and Steven Moffat took over most of the writing.

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Matt Smith has signed on for three seasons and now that the fifth and sixth season are over he is preparing to move on to movies. Apparently the Doctor can only regenerate twelve times and since Matt Smith is the eleventh Doctor many fans fear the end of the show. Even in the sixth season Steven Moffat has prepared us for the ultimate death of thhe Doctor.

On a happier note the fifth and sixth season are hilarious and fun and there is also a Matt Smith special, A Christmas Carol. All of the episodes are amazing and there is an episode called the Lodger in which Matt Smith gets to show off his soccer skills. Matt Smith shows off his soccer skills in the lower right hand picture.

matt smith with a soccer ball balanced on his foot annd pointing a sonic screwdriver

If you watched the show before, but stopped because of Matt Smith I encourage you to watch the fifth and sixth seasons anyway because they really are spectacular and strange. Besides the point of the Doctor regenerating into different actors is to see the way different actors portray the same character.

And if you haven't watched the show before I also encourage you to watch it. Maybe watch from thhe first season and catch up, though, because it can get kind of involved. But it is definately worth the time. The show is eccentric and wonderful. I can't overhype it enough.




Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor