Carrie Underwood, winner of the fourth season of American Idol, stole the hearts of countless Americans both country fans and not country fans. Labeled as America's new sweetheart of 2005, the young Oklahoma starlet released her firstin-studio single, "Jesus Take the Wheel." This was the beginning of her leap into an all around music frenzy. "Jesus Take the Wheel" not only topped country charts but inspirational music charts as well. Her career from that point on put her on the center stage of all musical platforms. She's capable of pleasing any music-loving audience with her ever-maturing vocals and stunning songwriting abilities. My hope is that you use this website to learn more about the American country sensation, who left America obsessed and wanting more. This young woman has so much to offer the music industry and to her listeners. Delve into an unforgettable musical experience with Carrie.


"Everybody seems to have their arms wide open to me, so that's been great."



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