Welcome to Jay Bruce's website!

On this website, you can learn information about Jay Bruce's life, and his baseball career. In 2009, I went to Opening Day, and while Jay Bruce was in the on deck circle, he turned around and said to me, "hi Ryan, how's the game going?", then he handed me a ball. I was sitting in Cincinnati Bell's seats, so they probably told him about me. In 2012, I was planning on going to Spring Training, and I knew I was going to throw the first pitch at the Reds game on April 10. So while I was at Spring Training, I saw Jay Bruce between practices and reminded him of Opening Day in 2009. I also asked him if he would catch my first pitch, on April 10, that season. The next day, I got an Email from the Reds, saying Jay Bruce had contacted them to say he wanted to catch my first pitch.

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