About us


My name is Jake Megois and I am a sophomore at Madeira High school. I created this site as a tribute to the great Steve Irwin. I am simply a huge Steve Irwin fan. I love animals, and unfortunately never got the opportunity to meet my hero.  But through this website I hoped others can learn more about Steve, Steve’s family, what kind of animals he worked with, and his overall career. My goals for this website were to infrom on wy Steve Irwin was famous for, provide information on what animals he worked with, inform on Steve's family life, and inform about the tragic ending of Steve's life. I hope this website is a useful source and will help you better understand "The Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin.


I will remember Steve Irwin because of all the animals he saved. Steve Irwin also probably inspired many to help animals in need. Steve would help any animal whether it be a dog or a ten foot crocodile. He taught the world to not harm anaimlas because they do not harm us. Steve Irwin once saved a baby kangaroo whose mother had beeen killed by a car. Steve nursed the kangaroo until it was healthy enough to take care of itself. Steve Irwin did this for hundreds of animals because he did it many times on his televison show. I will rememeber Steve Irwin for all the animals and peoples lives that he touched by teaching his caring and exciting ways.