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Because if seeing is believing...

manchester orchestra

is composed of five different musicians. Andy Hull for vocals and guitar, Jonathan Corley on the bass, Jeremiah Edmond on drums, Chris Freeman for the keyboard, and Robert Mcdowell on the guitar. Though they have only been making music for less than two years, they have created albums that are adored all over the country. They started with the average age of 17, and to this day continue to make authentic, original music. One of the first albums lead by Andy Hull, called You Brainstorm, I Brain Storm, but Brilliance Needs a Good Editor, consisted of the first songs that really separated these musicians from any other band. The support earned by this album encouraged this quintet to get out on the road, and start touring.






All of manchester's songs are focused on personal emotions and true experiences of the band. The feelings provoked by their songs have proven to attract millions of people around America. Their inspirational and spiritual lyrics are portrayed beautifully by the voice of Andy Hull. Their next album, I'm Like a Virgin Loosing a Child, is supposed to be like little movies in song form. Every song has a different character, and gave the album an interesting appeal for all listeners. They had no problem reaching their goal of playing atleast 250 shows in the year 2007 after touring UK and supporting the bands Brand New, as well as Say Anything and Saves the Day.








...then believe that we have lost our eyes.