Rules of ultimate frisbee

Rules vary on who plays and where you play. but these are pretty universal for all types of games.

The pull-
In order to start the games both teams line up on either end zone. the defensive team will raise one arm as a signal of readiness, as soon as a offensive team member raises his or her hand the pull may be thrown. when you throw the pull the game has started

Passing the disc is the how the game moves. the offense can throw the disc in any direction, it just has to stay in the boundaries. once a player catchs the disc, a defensive player can "stall" him or her. if the defensive player gets to a ten stall count, there is a turnover.

The offensive team scores when a team mate throws the disc and its caught in the endzone they're attacking, this is one point. after the point is scored the team that scored a point stays at that endzone, while the other team walks to the opposite endzone. this is commonly reffered to as "losers walk"

There is a turn over when the offensive side throws a pass that is not caught and hits the ground. another time for a turnover is when the defensive team knocks the disc to the ground. this is one of the harder turnovers, but if the defensive team intercepts the pass, then its a turnover. lastly, if the defense gets an offensive player to a stall cound of 10.


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