Started in 2003, the Mythbusters TV show has become a hit through nine seasons on the Discovery Channel. The Mythbusters test myths that fans send in and test them to see if they are busted, plausible, or confirmed. Filmed in San Fransico, the show has become very popular with the cast appearing on many shows including Good Morning America and The Late Show with Davsi Letterman. They also have been invited into the White House to test the Archimedes Solar Ray myth provided by President Barack Obama. The video on the right shows a overall view of what mythbusters is all about in under one minute (double-click to start).

    Mythbusters Explosion Montage (Double-click to start)
duct tape adam under sea

car lifted

coke and mentos
Duct tape and Mythbusters Adam and his shark repellent suit Car lifted with fire hoses? Coke and Mentos