Cincinnati Reds

The Cincinnati Reds are an organization, that has been around for a very long time. They have won 5 World Series titles. They have done things that have changed baseball. They played the first night game in Major League Baseball history. They had the first baseball team in a big city, this only goes on to a long list of accomplishments.

The Reds have been known recently, to have a bad team, but we have been in the playoffs and close to being in the playoffs the last two years. Their playoff birth was the first time they have been to the playoffs in 10 plus years. They have had a young team, and consequently this has lead people to doubt them and expect little to nothing out of them. In the past the Reds have been a successful team in being the only team to have all 9 starting positions of an All-Star Game be from the same team. This was a big accomplishment in baseball, they also had arguably the best line up ever in baseball history.

Like every other organization in the MLB the Reds have had their ups and downs in a sense of teams, they have had the seasons when they struggle to win and they have also had the seasons where it seems like it is almost impossible for them to lose.

Pitching hasnt been one of their strond suits. pitchers have been in and out of Cincinnati. Pitchers never have seemed to last very long here. We haven't had the same pitching rotation on Opening Day since the 90's. This isn't a very good thing to have in order to be a stable team. Although we have had all these struggles, we are still a successful organization. Nothing can get in the way of the home town fans who are loyal to their team until their death.