Blink 182's life

This band has been through everything. Wether it was an injured band member or the band splitting they have always provailed and come back together. The band is one of a kind, and in my mind one of the best of all time. the members are Mark Hoppus, Tom Delonge, And most known member Travis Barker. They are all amazing musicians and make that known in their songs. Travis an amazing guy seems to be invincable having outstanding skills on the drums. But not to be out done is Mark Hoppus. The legendary vocal ist and guitar player is a key part of the band. Last but certainly not least the great vocalist and guitarist Tom Delonge. He is always pushing himself to get better and is an excellent role model. They have also been included or featured into some shows like Rob and Big or Rob dyrdek's Fant asy Factory. They seem to be every where that you look. And this page is gonna tell you where you would have seen them if you don't know.





All the small things


Blink 182 - Neighborhoods by Interscope Records