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For both of these accomplished men throughout their childhood, music was a constant that held their world together. Although they grew up and began their careers separately, Ronnie Dunn and Kix Brooks have become house-hold names in country music, known as men who revolutionized the world of songwriting and performing, all because Arista Nashville Records suggested that they sing a spur of the moment duet.

They are the most award winning country duo in the history of the genre, including 23 #1 hits and over 80 major industry awards. Brooks and Dunn have sold more records than any other duo in history, including Simon & Garfunkel. Modern artists from both country and other genres have been impacted by the duo's music. Even now after their dominant reign over the country charts has ended with their retirement, they are revered as tour, record, and performance specialists who lead successful separate careers.

The age of Brooks and Dunn is definitely not over. Both Ronnie and Kix have created successful solo careers for themselves. Ronnie is continuing to write breathtaking songs for fans to enjoy, and Kix released his solo album on. The extraordinary duo are exact opposites, but somehow remained friends over all these years. Kix reminises saying, "We really aren't alike at all, but I can't remember ever actually yelling at him for anything. I mean, most of the time we're up to no good together, playing pranks and what not."

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