Stadiums of the Cincinnati Reds Part 2

-(1970-2002)Riverfront Stadium (Cinergy Field)

Capacity: ~52,000-53,000 people (1970-2000) ~40,000 people (2001-2002)

Riverfront Stadium was much larger than it's predecessor, Crosley Field. The stadium was multi-purpose, and also hosted the new Cincinnati Bengals football

team. The seating capcity was even more with the football configuration, with nearly 60,000 seats from 1980 to 2000. Seating rows that slid along tracks for the

two different playing field shapes made this possible. The stadium had astroturf until the last 2 years of it's use. The stadium became the first Cincinnati Reds'

stadium of the riverfront of the Ohio River. In the first decade of it's use, Riverfront Stadium hosted 6 post-season runs for the Cincinnati Reds, including 2 World

Series wins. Although there would only be one more post-season run in Riverfront's standing, in general the team did fairly well in Riverfront Stadium. After the

2000 football season, the Cincinnati Bengals moved into their new Stadium all for themselves. This caused a new

Reds stadium to be built. Other reasons for a new Cincinnati Reds Stadium were including many fans not liking the

Astroturf in Riverfront Stadium, Riverfront being larger than nessesary for a diminishing fanbase in the 1990s, and

the lack of scenery and boring theme of Riverfront Stadium. Great American Ballpark would be built next to - and

on part of the site of - Riverfront Stadium. So, a major part of the stadium was torn down to make room for the

Construction, largely reducing seating capacity.


-(2003-Present)Great American Ballpark

Capacity: ~42,300 people

Great American Ballpark was named after the Great American Insurance Company, who's headquarters has now been recently moved to be across the street from

the stadium. This is the current location of the Cincinnati Reds. The stadium is full of murals, seating arrangements, monuments, statues, and more that pay tribute

to the history of the Cincinnati Reds and it's players, managers, and stadiums. Some more memorable of these include numerous artifacts and historical items in

the Reds' museum on site, a wall of 4,192 baseballs (paying tribute to that amount of hits Pete Rose had gotten to to break the record in baseball of the most hits

ever made), statues outside the main entrance depicting a game at Crosley Field, smokestacks and a fake steamboat in the outfield seating, a Rose garden in the

area that Pete Rose's 4,192nd hit landed, mosaics of the 1869 Reds team and 1976 Reds team, and old fashion architecture of the ballpark. The stadium has hosted

several major concerts and events, and the 2015 All-Star Game will be at Great American Ballpark.


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