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Free Running, the sport of the Few, The Foolhardy, and the Thrill Seeking. Not for the faint of heart or the weak of knee.

Free Running

Some people are athletic, some are artistic, are you both? Free running is the ultimate expression sport. Athletes can express their inner artist in this engaging and very inclusive sport. Free Running is very similar to Parkour, artists run over buildings or natural structures just doing what the body wants. If you enjoy running and exploring the world around you how better than to run over it, under it, and through it

Places to free run:

Your Backyard!

Local Dumps!


Anywhere else you want!

Although Free Running has almost no rules there are a few terms for tricks and maneuvers common among free runners that are useful to know

Traceur: A practitioner of parkour.
Vault: Any jump that incorporates the use of the arms to overcome the obstacle

Precision Jump: A jump where a traceur lands on a precise surface like a rail, or wall ledge. Generally refers to a standard standing broad jump technique. Both legs jump together and the arms swing forward to help initiate forward momentum.
Gap jump: Any jump that clears a gap between two objects.
Wall Pass: Technique involving running toward a wall and then converting the forward momentum into a jump. A wall pass involves taking one or more running steps up a vertical surface and catching on the top with your hands in order to pull yourself up and onto or over the obstacle
Tic Tac: Techniques were the traceur pushes of of one object with her foot to gain height and reverse momentum in order to overcome another obstacle.

Underbar: A move were the traceur jumps feet first through an opening and grabs a bar at the top to aid him through.