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Mountain Biking, the sport of the Few, The Foolhardy, and the Thrill Seeking. Not for the faint of heart nor the weak of knee.


Mountain Biking


One of the great things about mountain biking is it can be done almost anywhere for free! all you need is a bike and some motivation! there are hundreds of bike friendly trails in every state that offer a variety of difficulty both technically and physically. Mountain biking requires a huge amount of balance and reflexes. A daredevil mindset is a requirement on some of the more extreme terrain

These common mountain biker terms may help the new rider communicate:

Air. Space between the tires and the ground. (Both tires must be off the ground or it isn't "air".)

Anchor. Your child, or children (anchors) that keep(s) you from riding. "Wait till you anchors grow up, you'll have road rash for breakfast and prunes for dinner!" To be used as an endearing, not demeaning, phrase.

ATB. All-Terrain Bike or Biking. A synonym for MTB (Multi-Terrain Bike).

Bacon. Scabs on a rider's knees, elbows, or other body parts.

Betty. Any female rider.

Bomb. To ride with wild disregard to personal safety.

Bunny hop. To lift both wheels off the ground by crouching down and then exploding upward, pulling the bike with you. Useful for clearing obstructions, such as curbs, potholes, logs.

Burrito. a rim braking surface that's bent inward towards the tube, forming a section that looks rolled like a burrito.

Tabletop. a jump in which the rider throws the bike sideways in mid-air. Less commonly, a jump made over a hill that reaches a plateau and goes back down.

Roost. To go fast or accelerate quickly. Or to stop suddenly.