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Parasailing, the sport of the Few, The Foolhardy, and the Thrill Seeking. Not for the faint of heart or the weak of knee.


Parasailing less commonly known as parascending or Para kiting is exhilarating water based sport. This involves a parachute like wing that is attached to a boat. Harnessed to the wing can be up to three people depending on the power of the boat pulling. The wing is towed by the boat and rises into the air like a kite, pulling the rider along with it. This is relatively common to see off the beach of large lakes and the ocean.
Before dashing off into the air it is important to know the rules and regulations of the coastline. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful day ruined by the coast guard telling your party to get off the water.

            Some of the best places to parasail are:

It is very important to not be seen as the newbie so here are a few parasailing terms to throw around over open ocean.

Core - The center of a thermal (warm rising air) where the strongest lift is.

Thermals - Updrafts of air that is warmer than surrounding air.

Updraft - A mass of air moving upwards.