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Scuba Diving, the sport of the Few, The Foolhardy, and the Thrill Seeking. Not for the faint of heart or the weak of knee.

Scuba Diving

Are you a swimmer? Love the ocean or the beautiful sites within it? Scuba Diving is the sport for you! Join many others in the worlds most popular recreational water sport. Scuba diving involves swimming deep under water with an oxygen mask and oxygen tank as well as flippers to aid in swimming. Weights are attached to a belt to counterbalance the buoyancy of the oxygen tank. These weights effectively render the athlete weightless in the water they neither float nor sink.

Some of the most beautiful places to Scuba Dive include:

Maaya Thila - Maldives, This stunningly blue ocean is home to many beautiful exotic underwater wonders.

Puerto Galera - Philippines, the marine life here is astoundingly diverse.

The Blue Hole - Belize, this still relatively unexplored yet amazingly beautiful underwater formation is one of the most memorable places to scuba dive.