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Sky Diving, the sport of the Few, The Foolhardy, and the Thrill Seeking. Not for the faint of heart or the weak of knee.


Sky Diving

            People have been thinking about parachuting since ancient china. In 1495 leonardo da vinci designed the first parachute. His test subject Adrian Nichols said the experience was unforgettable. Join your ancestors in this terrifying yet unworldly peaceful experience. The only challenge is getting up the nerve to jump from a plane towards your potential death. If you can muster up the nerve, however, jump from a plane and freefall for what seems like hours before releasing your chute and floating in silence down to earth.
            There are some beautiful places to skydive in the United States:

Lost Prairie - Montana, This site is surrounded by beautiful snow covered mountains.

Sebastian - Florida, Jump over the splendid ocean.

Pacific Skydiving Center - Wailua Hawaii, enjoy the site of the entire island of Oahu on your descent.

Some important skydiving terms:

Boogie - A gathering of jumpers for the purposes of jumping and socializing

Canopy - Parachute

Hook Turn - A high-speed turn with either the steering toggles or the front risers.
            Performed at very low altitude in order to build up speed before landing.

Opening Shock - The force experienced by the jumper due to the sudden deceleration from terminal velocity due to the deployment of a parachute.

Reserve - The secondary, or backup parachute