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Wakeboarding, the sport of the Few, The Foolhardy, and the Thrill Seeking. Not for the faint of heart or the weak of knee.


For those who enjoy water sports wakeboarding is one of the greats. Recently invented it is the equivalent to snowboarding on water. In fact it is also akin to skateboarding in that there are wakeboarding parks. Places designed for wakeboarding with jumps and specially designed rope tows.
The great thing about wakeboarding is that athletes do not have to drive out to a mountain range or go anywhere special. As long as a boat and a board is available any stretch of water will do. It is recommended that athletes have experience either snowboarding or skating although it is not necessary. Be sure to check the rules and regulations for the area though some places have strict policies about recreational boating.
            Wakeboarders are very into tricks so below are some of the more popular slangs for these common tricks.

Backside Butterslide: Rider turns the board backside 90 degrees and grinds the wake.

Body Slide: Rider lies back onto the water.

No-Hander: Rider puts handle between knees, then lets go with both hands.

Tumble Turn: Rider lays back on water, board is taken out of water and above the head, body is spun around backside and the rider stands back up onto feet.

Backside: A spin where the rider rotates with the back of their body towards the boat first. Many times mistakenly referred to as blindside spins. Collin Wright was the first rider to start doing major backside spins including backside 540s off the wake and backside 720s.

Flatline Spin: A spin where the rider goes over the rope instead of passing the handle.

Osmosis: When the rider performs a spin by tossing the handle from one hand to the same hand again, bypassing the other hand - Invented by Shaun Murray.