Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach met when they were 8 years old in Akron, Ohio. Despite their vast differences- Auerbach was captain of the school soccer team and Carney was a social outcast- the two became friends in high school. They began playing together in 1996. After high school, they both went to the University of Akron for a short time before dropping out. Auerbach tried to make a living by performing in bars around town. He then realized that, if he were to play shows in other cities, he would need to record a demo. Carney offered his basement and recording equipment to Auerbach as long as Auerbach recruited the other band members. When the recording date rolled around, none of Auerbach’s band showed up, so Auerbach and Carney jammed together. This eventually led to the formation of their band in 2001. After the duo recorded a 6-song demo, they were picked up by a small indie label known as Alive.

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