This page will tell you about Theresa Caputos testimonials.

Taken from Ticket-Master reviews, RubyRobbie from Tropicana Casino and Resort - Atlantic City, NJ - 06/29/2014 posted a written review about Theresa Caputo’s performance onĀ  7/04/2014.

“My wife purchased tickets to go see Theresa because we are huge fans, and never miss her show! We also brought my mother, who is also a huge fan! On the way to Atlantic City, we discussed how we would love for Theresa to approach us with a message from my dad, but we also told my mother not to be disappointed if she doesn't approach us, as we have balcony seats, and it is a large theater. We also discussed how my uncle nicknamed me Ruby as a child. And how we hope that my father and my uncle are now together, since they have both passed away. Shortly after Theresa came down off the stage, during the show, she started to walk up to our section. We were so excited to see her close up. She is even more beautiful in person! She stood directly in front of me, looked at me, and asked who can relate to Ruby or Rubies? I smiled and raised my hand. She had me stand up, she laughed, and said "Sir, how to you relate to Rubies?" I told her it was a nickname that my uncle gave me as a child, and that we were just discussing that on our way to her show. She laughed and said " Well, forgive me, but sir, you don't look like someone who would be called Ruby!". She continued to ask me several questions, and blew my mind because everything she asked related to my uncle and my father. After she had asked about my father's passing, she said that there was a male presence standing behind my mother and I. She completely validated, for my mother and I, that not only is my father still with us, but he is also with my uncle on the other side. Theresa is a beautiful soul with an amazing gift! She stresses how Spirit guides her. She does not take credit for the inspiring messages that she is able to give to people. I traveled three and a half hours to see Theresa, and I would do it again! She is absolutely amazing!”