Created by Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson CinemaSins is a movie related comedy channel. Their most well-known videos are the “Everything Wrong With…” seriesCinemaSins logo.


“Everything Wrong With...”
In this series Scott and Atkinson find the “sins” of movies. This can include clichés, poor visual effects, infamous actors and directors, writing, acting, direction, similarities to other movies, common sense, occurrences that defy logic and physics, and inaccuracies with history, facts and laws.
Conversations With Myself
In this series Scott has a conversation with himself about a movie and gives clues for the next “Sins” video.
Movie Recipes
In this series Scott or Atkinson make food that tastes “like the movie”. They do this by taking elements of a movie and putting it into the recipe.
What’s the Damage
In this series CinemaSins count the costs of damages caused in movies with prices corresponding with the time the movie was released.