Rhett and Link

An internet and advertising duo consisting of Rhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III. They are most well known for their viral videos and comedy songs.Rhett & Link


Rhett&Link, which has over 2 million subscribers, is their main channel. rhettandlink2 is a talk-show style segment that has 4,407,514 subscribers. A third channel, rhettandlink3 is an extra segment of Good Mythical Morning. A fourth channel, rhettandlink4 contains behind-the-scenes features and bonus material.

Morning Show

Airing every weekday morning Rhett and Lind pick and discuss a topic. At the end of each episode a Wheel of Mythicality is spun to determine how the episode will end. The show started with Good Morning Chia Lincoln. They are currently on Good Mythical Morning season 6.

The Mythical Show

Premiering on April 25, 2013 it is a weekly 30-minute show posted on Thursdays. Each episode consists of Rhett and Link and other actors or YouTube personalities in short videos.