I AMsterdam statue


I have seen many pictures of my friends in front of the “I Amsterdam” sign and I would love to take a picture in front of it. The city government has spent a lot of money on marketing, resulting in a roughly 8-foot sign. They are placed around the city and attract tourists like flies to honey. Now almost every tourist ends up with the same picture and locals can complain about tourists blocking their bike lanes.

Amsterdam is a shopping paradise. From flea markets, art and antiques, trendy department stores to chic boutiques, Amsterdam has it all! As a trade center for many centuries you can still experience this in many places. The city is the home of many European stores I love that are not in the US. Also the world's only floating flower market is in Amsterdam. It is an adorable floating greenhouse on a canal along a row of town houses. It will give you the quintessential Amsterdam picture.

The city will quickly capture you in its spell, especially at night, when many of the more than 1,200 bridges spanning the 160 canals are lit with tiny lights that give them a fairy-tale appearance. Amsterdam is known for its romantically-lit streets, quaint homes, and expansive canal system.

Aerial of Amsterdam