Pink Sand BeachPink sand beaches are one of the biggest tour attractions. The pink hues come from microscopic sea creatures that live on coral just off shore. Waves crush the pink and red shells and wash them onto the beach. The most famous pink beach is on the northern side of the Harbor Island.

     My grandma went to the Bahamas before I was born and bought a conch shell. As a child, I would play with it all the time, and I would like to get one just for the memory and maybe I will be able to recreate this same memory for my children or grandchildren one day.

     Aerial of a touristy bayGenerations ago, many Bahamians didn't have the money to buy instruments, so they made music using whatever was on hand. Someone played a saw, someone else made a bass out of string and a tin tub, and another musician kept the beat by shaking a plastic jug filled with rocks or dried beans, or beating a goatskin drum. Today the best place to hear authentic Rake ’n' Scrape is on Cat Island, where the style is said to have been born.