Landscape picture of coastThe second largest city of South Africa and the southern-most city of the mighty and timeless African continent, Cape Town is a place of many marvels. A journey to this modern city takes you back into nature’s lap to your complete surprise. There are so many wonders that are waiting to thrill you to bits, so many adventures to excite you and millions of sights and sounds almost overwhelming.

The table mountain is the most obvious and recognizable natural feature of the city and home to varied ecosystems and great natural parks. But one thing that you should not miss is a trip to the top of Table Mountain. You can either choose the Cable car orthe steep 2 hour trek to the top. The trek will be worth the effort though as you can always get back down in the car!

Beach  and Cliff pictureThe ride on the Blue Train to Pretoria is truly magical. This exquisite and elite journey carries just 84 passengers on the classic route between Pretoria and Cape Town and in case you can afford its majesty, it is a must for everyone and anyone visiting Cape Town. You can either come to Cape Town or leave to Pretoria in the Blue Train and apart from lavish luxury, it takes you through Africa at its wild best!