Sydney Skyline


Some cities pride themselves on their underground transport systems. Sydney's got that, too, but by and large, when locals go underground, they don't sit in bored silence. They go to parties and un-advertised performances in warehouses, churches, studios and secluded beaches.

The Opera House’s magnificent harbor side location, stunning architecture and excellent program of events make it Sydney’s number one destination. The modern masterpiece reflects the genius of its 1966 architect, Jorn Ultzon. In 1999, Ultzon agreed to prepare a guide to design principles for future changes to the building. This was welcome news for all who marvel at his masterpiece and for the four million visitors to the site each year.

The zoo occupies a spectacular setting amide 28 ha (75 acres) of landscaped bush land overlooking the harbor. Just above the wharf is the Sky Safari, which carries visitors up the hill, over the enclosures and terraced slopes to the lovely Edwardian Entrance Pavilion and Information Centre. The center provides tour information and brochures describing the zoo’s 380 resident species and 2,200 individual animals. Many enclosures recreate natural habitats such as the Australian Walkabout, which enables visitors to actually experience the animals’ original environments. Finally, magical views complement the enjoyable ferry ride returning to Circular Quay.

Aerial of Sydney