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Side Projects

Angels & Airwaves

Forming shortly after Blink’s temporary disbandment, Angels & Airwaves may be the most popular side project and definitely required the most effort. Tom Delonge gathered a hodge-podge of hand-selected musicians with similar artistic visions and set forth to form an adjustable outlet for his altering musical standpoint.


Mark Hoppus took the reigns as the main vocalist and left a second footprint on the pop-punk world, along with Travis, with the creation of +44 and the band’s only studio album When Your Heart Stops Beating.

Box Car Racer

In between Take off Your Pants and Jacket and Blink-182’s self-titled album, Tom and Travis collaborated with guitarist  David Kennedy to form Box Car Racer as a probable means of helping Tom experiment with musical curiosities too risky to market as Blink-182.