Famous Bengal Players Still on the Team

AJ Green

AJ GreenAJ Green plays Wide Receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals and has been playing for almost 4 years with them.  He has over 30 receiving touchdowns and 4,147 yards receiving.  







Andy Dalton

Andy DaltonAndy has played Quarterback for almost 4 years and has 88 NFL career touchdowns with 58 interceptions.  His average passer rating is 84.5 and completes 61 percent of passes.  He went to Texas Christian Academy where he was benched for the first year.  His second year at TCA, he was named starting quarterback where he led his team to a winning record every year.




Mohamed Sanu

Mohammad SanuSanu plays in tandem with AJ Green at the Wide Receiver position.  He’s played for 3 years with Andy Dalton and has 9 receiving touchdowns.  Something odd about Sanu, is his ability to pass the ball.  He played quarterback during high school a little where he became pretty good at throwing the ball.  He’s completed four of his four throws in the NFL for a total of 166 yards, two of which were touchdowns.