Famous Cincinnati Bengals’ Plays


AJ Green Catches

The Week Ten Baltimore Ravens game in Baltimore.  It was the final play of the game with 3 seconds on the clock where the Bengals were down by 7 at their own 48-yard line.  It was obvious the Bengals’ were going to go for a Hail Marry, and the Ravens lined up with only 3 people on the line.  As the play started, everyone was down in the end zone crowded around Sanu, AJ, Gresham, and Marvin Jones who the ball was intended for.  Everyone jumped up to try and either catch it or move it away from the large mob of people.  AJ Green sat in the back of the end zone and waited for the ball to be tipped back to him where he jumped and caught it.  This put us into overtime where Baltimore then kicked a field goal and won the game.  It was an amazing play, but it ended poorly for us.

Jerome Simpson Flip

The Bengals were up ten to zero against The Cardinals in the second quarter with 3 minutes remaining.  Andy Dalton snaps the ball and sends a quick pass to Jerome Simpson.  He catches it and runs down the sideline towards the end zone, but there is a Cardinals’ player right in his way.  He rears up and does a front flip right over him while grabbing onto his helmet to help him swing 360 degrees.  He lands on his feet in the end zone, and The Bengals continued to go on and win against the Arizona Cardinals.