Cincinnati Bengals’ Rival Teams

Bengals vs SteelersPittsburg Steelers

The Steelers have always been a semi rival with the Bengals, but when the Steelers broke Carson Palmer’s ACL during the 2009 playoff game versus the Bengals.  Carson’s knee bent in a way it was never intended to and caused him to be out for the next season.  This injury eventually lead to his dismissal from the Bengals.




Bengals vs BrownsCleveland Browns

The Cincinnati Bengals are of the few teams to share a state with another NFL Team.  The Bengals have fought over Ohio for over 40 years and have been in the same division the entire time.  They were both partially created by Paul Brown.






Bengals vs RavensBaltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens have been one of the stronger opponents in the AFC North Division with the Bengals, and with two super bowl rings, including one in 2012, they are an excellent football team.