Survival Strategies of the Walking Dead:

There are many different ways of survival in the world of The Walking Dead. Here you can see some basic outlines of different strategies seen throughout the show.

Go to a low populated area:
The fewer the amount of the people formerly alive in an area, the fewer walkers there will be, a good example being Hershel’s farm.

Box yourself in:
Go somewhere with walls/fences on all sides. That way you are protected from all sides. There are two good examples from the show. One being the prison. The other being the old folks home from Season 1.

Keep Moving:
As the characters in the show have found out over time, nowhere is truly safe. This strategy isn’t completely effective because you run into many different problems on the road; for example, running out of gas, getting pinned down, or stepping onto the wrong persons lawn.



Description: Macintosh HD:Users:211b:Documents:project2redmann:assets:Unknown.jpegImage of Prison Shown on the Season 2 Finale