Description: Macintosh HD:Users:211b:Documents:project2redmann:assets:Unknown-1.jpegRick, Daryl, Michonne, and Carl standing outside of a train car in Terminus

Rick and the group are creating weapons out of anything they can while being held captive in a railroad car. They plan to attack when approached by their captors, but are unsuccessful. Rick, Daryl, Glen, Bob and few others are taken to be slaughtered, as suspicions of cannibalism by their captors are confirmed. Carol arrives at Terminus undetected and is able to create a diversion that allows most of the prisoners to escape the compound. Rejoined with Tyreese and Judith, the group runs into and rescues Gabriel Stokes, a local reverend who was being attacked by a pack of walkers. He leads them back to his church, which is well-barricaded.
The group is torn over what their next move should be. Eugene reveals that a top secret biochemical weapon exists that can take out every living being on the planet. He believes he can tweak it to target walkers. Abraham convinces the group to travel to Washington D.C., but shortly after, they are attacked by Gareth and several survivors from Terminus. Rick and a few others ambush Gareth's group, who had broken into the church mistakenly believing they had the upper hand. Showing his darker side, Rick unrelentingly slashes Gareth with his machete, as Abraham, Michonne and Sasha kill the remaining three. The next morning, Glenn and Maggie leave with Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene heading for Washington D.C., while the rest of the group remains behind at the church. Daryl and Carol disappeared the night before chasing after a car that Daryl believes was involved in Beth's disappearance.