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This page will contain articles that contain one columnist’s predictions about particular players on the Chicago Bulls or the franchise itself. It will be ordered by player articles first and team articles after.

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My predictionsD-rose

Although Derrick Rose has had some major injuries in the past, this season will be his “second breakout year”. We all remember the times when he helped the Chicago Bulls get back into the playoffs and eventually reach the Eastern Conference Finals. That was the longest playoff run the Bulls had since the Michael Jordan years, and Derrick Rose got rewarded with the NBA MVP award. This year will be the second beginning of Derrick Rose. After his countless injuries, people can hardly take him seriously anymore. Is this not how most NBA rookies are perceived today? In a sense, Derrick Rose is the Bulls most prized lottery pick coming out of the University of Memphis to show off his talents at the professional level, again. However, this time he will do more than get the Bulls into the playoffs, which they have done since 2009. D-rose will find his MVP stardom and take his team to the NBA Finals. Not only that, but with more exceptional talent surrounding the point guard, the Chicago Bulls will win their seventh NBA Championship in franchise history.

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