The former coach of the Cleveland Browns; Paul Brown. He was the Bengals’ head coach until 1975. Paul Brown was deciding between columbus and Cincinnati for the location of the Bengals. Cincinnati was chosen due to a deal made with Hamilton County and the Major League Baseball team: The Cincinnati Reds. The deal proposed that the city would get a new stadium that would be able to house both of the Cincinnati teams. Cincinnati whilst starting in the AFL (American Football League) was selected to to join the NFL. (National Football League) This decision was made due to Cincinnati being located and in between many major cities. This opened the team up to gain more spectators per game.

Brown selected the name due to many different reasons. Many people wanted the name of the team to be the buckeyes. But Paul Brown vetoed the name. He felt that it belonged to Ohio State, and buckeyes were not very popular in Indiana, and Kentucky. Brown liked tigers from his highschool days where he was the coach of the High School Massillon (Ohio) tigers. It was also the team name of the Cincinnati pro football team in 1930’s, and 1940’s.