The only game that ever officially ended in a tie was during the Bengals' career with the AFL. (American Football League) The game was the Houston Oilers playing against the Cincinnati Bengals. This game ended in a tie do to the league rule about overtime not being established. The final score was 31-31 with an 18 yard field goal with 22 seconds left in the game.

The oldest record that still stands today, is also the only one remaining from the Nippert Stadium years. This being The Cincinnati Bengals' quarterback Greg Cook's record of an average of 9.41 yards gained per passing attempt. This record was set in 1969. The only other quarterback average to be above 9 yards was by quarterback Boomer Esiason in 1988 being 9.21 yards.




The Bengals have only retired one number in their entire history. This number is number 54. This belonged to Bob Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals. He was the first player to be drafted to the Cincinnati Bengals. He was the last original bengal to retire. He once came out of retirement when the Bengals asked him to when their center was injured.