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Browns @ Bengals

L 31 - 10

Thursday, Nov 5


I was so excited for this game - my whole family was decked out in Browns gear, I wore my Brownies shirt to school (and received endless insults and torture), and I stayed up all night waiting for an old school Kardiac Kids comeback.


In the season’s first battle of Ohio, the Browns fell to Andy Dalton and the undefeated Cincinnati Bengals 31-10.

Johnny Manziel, in place of an injured Josh McCown, was 15 of 33 for 168 yards, and also had 31 rushing yards! He was right behind Isaiah Crowell for rushing with 38 yards. Manziel threw for 1 TD to Duke Johnson, and threw for 35 yards to Gary Barnidge.

Johnny Manziel had some great throws in the first half, but in the second half the Browns only managed to get 32 yards and two first downs.

Andy Dalton was 21 of 27 for 234 yards and threw for 3 TD’s to Tyler Eifert. Bernard for 72 rushing yards, Hill for 52. Jones with 78 receiving yards and Eifert with 53. Dalton was sacked twice.

Tyler Eifert achieved a club record for a tight end of 9 total touchdowns in one season in Thursday’s game.

Bengals are 8-0 for the first time in franchise history.

Manziel will not be starting for game 10. This loss was mostly blamed on him, even though he was thrown into a game against an undefeated team. I’m ready for Manziel to begin starting. In my opinion, he makes things happen - he’s fast, he’s aggressive, and he makes good plays. He’s also very exciting. Who doesn’t love a classic Johnny Manziel hail mary under pressure?












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