Ohio State vs Hawaii

After proving that Ohio State was legit and that they were going for back to back championships, the buckeyes took the field at home against the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors. Our offense started off a bit slow but Elliot got us on the board at the end of the first quarter with a rushing touchdown. Even with the lack of offense our defense was stellar as usual. With Joey Bosa back his precense was immediate. Bosa needs to be double-teamed and that frees up space for a linebacker to shoot the gap and apply pressure to the quarterback. Our defense forced 4 turnovers, two interceptions and two fumbles, this helped take some pressure off of our offense. The highlight of this game would have to be Vonn Bell’s scoop and score in the fourth quarter. With Jaylin Holmes applyin the pressure causing the fumble this let Vonn Bell get right through the line to pick up the ball and take it to the house. (see the scoop and score).