Ohio State vs. Rutgers

Finally, what all OSU fans were waiting for. Barrett would finally start for the undefeated buckeyes. This move by Meyer proved effecitive immediately. Starting out the first half with a 21 point lead. The offense looked like a well oiled machine with the up-tempo pace that the Buckeyes used very well. Barrett connected with wideout Michael Thomas in the second quarter for a 50 yard touchdwon. Thomas caught the ball at the first down marker, laid out a stiff arm, and took it the the house. The offense started well in the second half racking up three touchdwons and extending the score to 42-0. Meanwhile there was a cannon the was to go off when Rutgers scored a touchdown. In the fourth quarter that cannon had its chance when Rutgers got its one touchdown of the game. This game was a statement game for Barrett to solidify his position as the starting quarterback.