Welcome to Cavs Nation.

Here we are going to explore Cav's games and highlights, provide insight into upcoming matches, and look at the players of the month. The Cav's season is looking great so far, starting off at 11-3, and the players on the roster are on fire! Games we will look at include ones against Golden State, the Pacers, and the Lakers.

Last year the Cavs went to the NBA Championship, and faced the Warriors. It was a tough 6 games, but the Cavs fought until the end. The Warriors ended up taking the series 4-2 showing their superior skill to the new Cavs lineup, but the Cavs will be vindictive in getting the title this year. One of the main opponents of the Cavs will be the Warriors, not only because of their Championship last year, but Golden State has the best player in the league at the moment.