Nets vs. Cavs

The Cavs didn’t have a very strong start to this one, starting off 17-24 in the first quarter. In the second though, Mo Williams gets a nice layup to start things off, and Tristen Thompson finishes at the rack to score a quick four points. At half, when the score was 44-50, it still a close game, but the Nets were dominating the floor. Halfway through the third, Lebron makes a quick pass to J.R. Smith, who makes another pass to Kevin Love who knocks down the three. Still a close contest, the game was winding down when Lebron played very good defense and drew an offensive foul. This led to another three by Kevin Love, but the Nets were quick to respond with their own. With 5 seconds left, Lebron runs down the lane and fires up a floater, and swishes it. Cavs win by two and take a 13-4 lead in the season.

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