Player of the Month

This page will give statistics on the players of the month, which will give an overview of how well the Cavs and our different players are doing.

October: LeBron James

27.3 points per game

7.8 rebounds per game

6.5 assists per game

These stats just give a little insight into how amazing LeBron is, one of the best players to ever play in the NBA. His talent brought Cleveland to the NBA Finals last year, and they start off decently this year with him only missing one game.

November: Kevin Love

18.7 points per game

11.8 rebounds per game

2.4 assists per game

The work that Kevin Love does on the O and D boards is amazing, not including his 19 points per game. His assists are fairly low in comparison to last month’s best player, LeBron James, but he averages 3.4 offensive boards per game which is astounding and leads to a lot of extra opportunities.

December: J.R. Smith

13.2 points per game

3.3 rebounds per game

2.3 assists per game

The month has barely started but J.R. Smith is off to a tremendous start, hitting 7 threes in the game against the Hornets earlier this month, getting 7 assists on December 4th, and grabbing 5 boards in the game against the Wizards. His tremendous start has gotten the Cavs two wins already early this month, and the work he puts in continues to shine.