gif America has never been what it was supposed to be not even Donald Trump can fix that we have so many problems about our country, we are supposed to be the greatest contry on earth, we are supposed to be equal. Now I know Donald has ALOT of problems but he has some good points and ideas and there isnt really many canidates that could actually fix some of America's problems. Yes Trump isn't the smartest person nor the most racially sensitive he dosent think before he speaks but he has good intention. If he could just get in the right mind and out of this stupid Ku Klux Klan type of mentality then he can get the job done. Maybe Trump isnt the best for the job, maybe it should be Ted Cruz or Ben Carson I don't think it matters what color a person is or where they were born its whether they can get the job done or not. We have so many problems in our country and we just need someone who has the will to make America a great country, To make America the best country, To Make America Great Again. image
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