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(I do not take full credit for any of this news.)

Welcome to Dog Drama’s celebrity news page; because who doesn’t like the juicy gossip of the fame world!

The Re-Match.

So do any of you remember a few weeks ago when UFC star Ronda Rousey was surprisingly beat down by Holly Holm?
Well, that won’t be the end of this match. UFC has officially announced that they will have a rematch in the near future. "I’ll train just as hard, I'll train twice as hard for the rematch, because anyone who has been as successful as Ronda has obviously been a champion for a reason," Holm told Extra co-host Mario Lopez in the days following her initial win. "She’s a very dominant athlete, a very hard-working athlete, so I know she'll be coming back with a vengeance and I'll have to be ready."

Looks like it could be a tough match, that is, if Ronda’s face can handle another blow like last time.

Ronda and Holly fighting

Here we see Ronda and Holly mid-fight on the big night.


Best Friends?

Possibly the cutest celebrity friends. Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears. Recently, it was Britney’s birthday and Britney was up to quite the surprise. Miley, left her surprise presents and balloons! You can see on Britney’s instagram her and her family celebrating her wonderful birthday with the surprise balloons, presents and of course you can’t have a Britney birthday party without the teacup themed cake.2015-12-03.png

Here we see Britney and Miley, hugging it out as friends and Britney celebrating

her birthday with family and birthday balloons.