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Mac Product Reviews!

According to total beauty, the four worst products that mac has, are; MAC Green Gel Cleanser According to a review on total beauty, it's not a fairy tale miracle for oily skin. But according to reviews on the mac cosmetics site, " 5/5 FRESH AND CLEAN! I am a grown woman with oily skin with dry patches, green gel is magic!! It is inexpensive and easy as slapping it on and rinsing it right off. Nothing worked to rid me of random pimples and blotches before. I have used this product for a while and don't plan on stopping" -By user Barnon, Clarksville TN. Yet another, doesn't recommend. " 2/5 TOO DRYING! I have oily skin so the sales lady recommended this product. Upon use, I found that it left my face with major dry patches. Needless to say, I returned to using the 'Cleanse Off Oil" that I have found works much better with my skin type!" -By user Wesleynn69, Raleigh NC.
All in all, looking over different site reviews, most were positive! But, unfortunately, this is apparently much better to use for general cleansing and makeup removal. Unless your into the dry skin look, most wouldn't recommend depending on this product for routine skin care. As almost every makeup guru knows, MAC is one of the most popular brands in the world. And they've got a new line of "beaming and strobing" highlights for those who LOVE their highlights!

Tarte Product Reviews!

Tarte, is a pretty popular vegan brand with a large selection of products to choose from. But some of their lip products, with my personal using, haven't worked out so well. Like their lipsticks, in shade poppy, don't have a long 'lifespan' if you will. Once applied, the color is nice and even, and absolutely gorgeous for the red lovers. A bit on the orangey red side-- it's definitely a color to love! But unfortunately, eating drinking or accidently licking your lips with almost completely remove the color very easily. Leaving your fabulous lip with only the lining to spare. Using a translucent powder or a mattifying product, is most likely recommended if you would plan on wearing this a while. (Or you know, avoiding eating and drinking etc. But who could do that? Definitely not me!) But on the bright side, their matte lippie sticks are absolutely to die for, you can wear them relatively long. (Occasional reapplication is recommended in my opinion) But over all I really recommend trying their matte sticks. They leave your lips with a smell of mint and a cool feeling. As well as a well pigmented fabulous lip!

BareMinerals Reviews!

BareMinerals is a pretty popular brand to most makeup gurus. Depending on your skin type obviously, it could be a lifesaver or a complete ruin. BareMinerals Liquid Foundation This foundation comes in a variety of shades, that make as a moisturizing spf 30 foundation. In my opinion, it's a really nice foundation, but if i were you i'd use a setting powder or spray or layer, it's really moist and (obviously) has a liquidy consistency.