Dog Drama Skin Care Product Review

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Enjoy reviews from a few select items that are all natural and GREAT for your skin.

Dead sea mud mask.

Who doesn't like a nice refreshing mud mask? This is a refreshing and all around AMAZING mask. After it the cool mud dries on your face, removing is like a light exfoliant if you scrub off. The mask leaves your fresh bright and soft as a babies bottom. With personal experience, I would absolutely recommend this product.

mud mask

Here is the mask, in its sleek packaging.

Witch Hazel.

Ah, witch hazel. No, we're not brewing up spells. But for some people this is a miracle out of a fairy tale that keeps your face nice and clean. What is it exactly? It's a face cleanser that you apply with a cotton swab twice a day, or throughout the day (not too much). It will freshen and cleanse your skin. But caution, depending on your skin type it could dry it out! Make sure to keep a moisturizer handy!

Witch Hazel

Here's the witch hazel in its clear bottle packaging.

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