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Dunmer Skill

Skill bonuses

  • +10 Destruction

  • +5 Alchemy

  • +5 Alteration

  • +5 Illusion

  • +5 Light Armor

  • +5 Sneak

Starting spells

  • Flames (Destruction)

  • Sparks (Destruction)

  • Healing (Restoration)

Special abilities

  • Ancestor's Wrath: Once per day for 60 seconds, opponents that get too close take 8 points per second of fire damage. Ancestor's Wrath can harm neutral NPCs such as town guards.

  • Resist Fire: Your Dunmer blood gives you 50% resistance to fire.

With skills, The Dunmer is a helpful race for thieves and assassins, as they offer a good balance of stealth and magical talent. The Dunmer also fits perfectly for the offensive magician playstyle. With an improved resistance against fire, one could use the Dunmer's Destruction skill bonus to deal damage and develop a strong Alteration for protection. Restoration spells might also be useful, while Lockpicking and Sneak would remain as secondary skills.


Dark Elf exampeA male and female Dark Elf