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Imperial Skill

Skill bonuses

  • +10 Restoration (25)

  • +5 Block (20)

  • +5 Destruction (20)

  • +5 Enchanting (20)

  • +5 Heavy Armor (20)

  • +5 One-Handed (20)

Special abilities

  • Voice of the Emperor: calms nearby humanoids for 60 seconds.

  • Imperial Luck: anywhere gold might be found, Imperials always seem to find a few more.

Starting spells

  • Flame Spell (Destruction)

  • Healing Spell (Restoration)

Due to their broad skill set, Imperials are ideal for custom classes. Their versatility leaves them highly customizable and efficient at many different classes, from battlemages to crusaders. They also make great warriors from their high beginning stats. Their Voice of the Emperor ability allows them to calm human targets, allowing them to run, and to prepare themselves for when the spell eventually wears off and the battle resumes or, for skilled assassins, to sneak attack and kill their targets. They find more gold coins than any other race, making them great thieves. They are also good for the paladin/templar build due to their high base restoration skill and bonuses in heavy armor and one-handed.

Imperial Soldier

Imperial soldier dressed for battle