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Nord Description

Nords, also known as “Sons of Snow” are a race of men and women native to the region of Skyrim. The Nords have a natural resistance to the frost, which evolved in the northern, colder reaches of Nirn. Eager to improve their fighting skills beyond the traditional methods of Skyrim, they excel in all manner of traditional warfare. Nord culture centers on the quest for honor and glory, with focus also on the family and community. In past games, Nords fared well as 'warrior,' 'barbarian'  or 'scout' characters. They still make good warriors, scouts and the best barbarians because of their specialization in both one-handed and two-handed weapons as well as light armor. They thrive in the cold, reminiscent of their native Atmora, and are known as a militant people by their neighbors. Nords are also naturally superior at sea, and have benefited from nautical trade since their first migrations across the sea from Atmora. They captain and crew the merchant fleets of many regions, and may be found all along Tamriel's coasts. They issue a battle cry to make their enemies flee for a short time. Nords comprise the majority of the Stormcloaks, as well as the majority of the population of Skyrim.


Comparison of a Noric man and womanNord example