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Nord Skill

Skill Bonuses:

  • +10 Two-Handed (25)

  • +5 Block (20)

  • +5 Light Armor (20)

  • +5 One-Handed (20)

  • +5 Smithing (20)

  • +5 Speech (20)

Special Abilities:

  • Battle Cry: Target flees for 30 seconds.

  • Resist Frost: Your Nord blood gives you 50% resistance to frost

The Nords' starting power (Battle Cry) makes most enemies flee for 30 seconds. This is extremely helpful when the player is overwhelmed by enemies that are of a slightly higher level than the player, and especially useful at lower levels, giving the player time to regain health and use special potions if needed. The Nords' bonus effect gives the player a 50% resistance to frost. This is vital when fighting mages or dragons that rely on frost attacks. This starting power is superior to most other racial resistances, as many spells cast at the player are frost-based, although some wizards tend to favor shock spells. Many intimidating, overwhelming enemies - such as leveled Falmer or Draugr - use these spells which can easily, without resistance, to drain one's health.




A Nord male dressed for battle wearing an iron helmet, iron gauntlets, and an iron chestplate.

Nord male in battle